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Fashion Parade - 8th CC

Hmm, I hope you all remember the FP done by our two genious critics Riya and Soha !!! So here is a flashback of the FP they had done. Kudos to them for putting in so much Hard Work !!

Fashion Police for the Celebs at Filmfare Awards 2009.

Preity Zinta


What we think- I think PZ played it very safe. It looks like a typical black and white dress with the white clutch bag. Top part of the dress is still beareable but ooh I just cant deal with unusual flare on the bottom. The mermaid dress just doesnt work that well. Her makeup is very predictable and the hair is super mundane...maybe she needs tips from Frieda Pinto who sported different hair-dos at every award function. Also, her little tummy protuding is not visible in this pic, but it was obvious in other pics. Maybe, next time, Preity.

Kareena Kapoor


What we think- Well of course, she looks pretty. But frankly, she NEEDS a break from freaking Manish Malhotra saris. Every event Bebo attends, she's donned a MM sari. The all look the same but different color. Basically, nothing new or original for Bebo. We have girls trying different designers and wearing different kinds of gowns, but Bebo is still sticking with these opulent saris designed by Manish Malhotra **yawns** Nothing new with makeup or hair either. Boring.

Priyanka Chopra

What we think- Somebody thank PC for a breath of fresh air...I was getting suffocated cuz of the Manish Malhotra sari LOL. Well PC is known for trying something new everytime. Her gown at the Stardust Awards was fabulous and this once wins applause too. The color is perfect for her complexion, nude lipstick from Dostana works here too! Her hair is different from PZ and Bebo, thank God, I was tired of the same straight hair with curls on the bottom. Sheesh. She didn't over-accesorize herself..and I only see elegant earings and rings. Oh also, the award is her accesory. Only one problem with the dress, I do not like the random black lace coming out in the bottom.
Payal Rohatgi

Payal Rohatgi | Filmfare Awards 2009 Red Carpet

What we think- Her sari and her look makes me wanna yell, " OH NO YOU DIDN'T" Miss. Rohatgi looks like she's about to bust out with an item number performance any moment. I mean come one you're going to a formal award function but no Miss. Rohatgi decides to dress like she's going to some item number shooting. Well many thing are going insane with this outfit. Too much exposure, silver embroidery but gold jewelery, red lipstick, bad hair and she is definitely too accesorized and her foundation makes her skin look too white. Not working at all.
Avantika Malik

What we think- Ms. would be Imran Khan is the perfect example of "DONT LET YOUR BOYFRIEND SHOP FOR YOU!!" And *sigh*, little Avantika made the mistake. My first thought was, "what was she thinking?!" I read an article that said that Imran specially picked out this gown for Avan...since he wanted her to look classy, unfortunately the opposite happened. So many things are going wrong here, she looks very uncomfortable in the strapless dress, her body type doesnt support the dress, too much fabric for the short lady, the added fabric makes her look puffy in comparison to her thin arm candy-Imran. The hair is as ordinary as it can get, I personally do a lot more to my hair going to college. Avantika's dress might have been perfect for Prom but def not the Filmfare Awards. As my fellow critic, Rox, said earlier, " OMG the dress is eating her up!"

Bipasha Basu


What we think- Here's how you look classy and elegent in a sari, Kareena listening? The Bengali Babe chose a Sabyasachi sari and wow what a stunner! Bips totally rocks the sari, the red blouse stands out from the black sari with brown-ish embroidery. The black sari goes well with her trademark dark and extended eyeliner, the hair seem short from the front and the curls look fresh and bouncy. The multi-colored jewelery is unique as well. The sari is made out of net and wow, is the work on it just gorgeous or what? Bips sure knows how to look hot and beautiful at the same time Wink
Vivek Oberoi

What we think- Now a male, for a change lol. Well after looking horrendous for about a year, Vivek looked super fly at Filmfare Awards. There was nothing special about the black tuxedo, but still Vivek looked suave and that is what that counts Smile After his "Saathiya" days haircut, Vivek is back to looking charming and handsome. All he needs now is a super hit. Also to notice, this is NOT a good pic of Vivek cuz he's walking and talking but still he manages to look good. Cudos for that!


OSCARS 2009!

We'll start off with the WORST DRESSED LIST:

Amanda Seyfreid

I will never understand what Hollywood's obsession with bows is. It makes no sense to me. Why would you want to look like a badly wrapped birthday present? This dress looks like one of those plastic, flocked tree skirts you find at WalMart during the Christmas season. It's too bright, there's too much fabric... it's just too much! What's wrong with tomato soup red?!! Please! Think outside your personal lipstick shade

Mary Hart

This dress is just a disaster. I don't know where to start. Pretty much everything is wrong with this dress. Reminds me of my Grandmother's couch

Melissa George

Oh, there you are. The maid's been looking for you. She needs to dust the sitting room.

James Franco's Special Lady Friend

It looks like she threw a bed sheet over her shoulder and added a belt.

Vanessa Hudgins

Somebody sneezed on you. The material is just awful!


Are those supposed to be leaves?
Is that a curtain or sofa upholstery she is wearing?
I don't know, but it looks stupid. Dresses that poof out at the bottom like that should be outlawed. Disastrous!!! On top of the bad print, the dress does not allow for any locomotion. She looks so stiff and uncomfortable!

Tilda Swinton

I don't think I really have to say anything. It's not just her "dress", but what she herself looks like, reminds me of something I think I saw in a Ram Gopal Verma movie.

Jessica Beil

This frumpy gown, with its giant folds and awkward hems is just awful! It looks like she's the only one to carry on the Tumor Dress trend that's been going on this season. But it's no just the dress. She looks so unkempt.
It looks like she was sleeping in a bed with silk sheets, woke up, put her hair half back, put on some nice earrings, and wrapped the sheet around herself in an artsy way. She is such a beautiful girl and she could do WAY better than this.She needs to brush her hair!

Reese Witherspoon

The gown was, ahem, fashion forward enough with its black and blue color blocking, the swaths of toilet paper for straps, the randomly placed glitter, and the not quite invisible bra underneath . But then she decided to take the extra step and wear matching makeup. Fashion Catastrophe Hall of Fame.

Bridget Fonda

Oh my god! This looks like a wallpaper you would find in a horror mansion!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus looks ready to join the rest of Disney's princess supergroup in this heavily embellished gown. The belted waist and the layers were too much, she looked like the little mermaid. She needs to start dressing her age...I just want to see her in something fun not like shes trying to be all couture. Looks like someone took ceiling fan blades and painted them white with blue trim and placed them on a dress and called it fashion. What's with the sea shell belt looking thingy around her waist?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Her Oscar dress was too big in some places, not big enough in others. The top is a bit over-the-top, but my gripe is with the bulk of the dress; was it folded up and put in a box when bought? It looks like it needed a good pressing before she put it on with all those creases.

Amy Adams

She looks like she's being popped out of the red carpet. I love the necklace though! It has a wonderful organic, yet opulent quality that really clashes with the dress, which is all harsh and geometric. The dress clashes with itself and lacks harmony. There's something about this dress that makes me think of Spiderman and it's disturbing! The top and the bottom are from two DIFFERENT worlds they don't go together at all. The top should have softer lines and when they tried to connect the bottom by bringing it to the bust line, it looks like and after thought and red a bad choice.

Best Dressed!

Samantha Harris

I like simple dresses like these, that fit right, flow beautifully, and have a lovely color.

Lisa Rinna

Beautiful color, perfect cut, she looked stunning!

Nancy O'Dell

Simple, white, elegant. Lovely. She looks like a Greek Goddess!

Anne Hathaway

I wasn't crazy about this dress at first (it kind of looks like a purse I have), but the more I saw it the more I liked it. It's classic and fun. She brought serious silver-screen glamour to the red carpet in a paillette-laden gown. I'd prefer a different color & texture but the shape is sweet and refined. On the red carpet, and from afar it just looked like a white column with a little shimmer. In other pictures, where you could see the beading and the effect it had against her skin, it looked stunning. My vote for most exquisite dress of the night. What incredible workmanship! It fits her perfectly and the jewelry is beautiful and appropriately understated.

Natalie Portman

First of all, I love the color. Didn't see a lot of pink on the red carpet this year. The dress is simple and gorgeous!

Angelina Jolie

She finally decided to leave the burlap sacks at home. She looks very classy, and the green jewellery brings out her eye color. I loved the cut of the dress, allowing us just the right amount of 'peek-a-boo' Wink

Kate Winslet

Pictures don't do this dress justice. In movement, it's stunning.Possibly the star of the night, she shined in this frock. She looks perfectly elegant in this asymmetrical Yves St. Laurent gown with black lace overlay. Dramatically wonderful! Class, richness, totally aristrocatic! So English just beautiful!

Marisa Tomei

This silver-gray gown with its swirling layers of pleats is another daring example. The pleats could be considered overkill, but she knocked it out of the park with the color and the design. Her hair and make-up with flawless and she looked so relaxed! The construction of this dress is breathtaking.

Evan Rachel Wood

She looks like an old school movie star. Love the dress, the color of the dress against her skin, and the hair and makeup choices.She looks ethereal, delicate and really beautiful.

Taraji P. Hensen

It's a simple cut that fits her perfectly, and I love the way is kind of unfolds. I love the color, it is simple, yet elegant.

Penelope Cruz

She said this dress was something like 60 years old. Oh my god, it's one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. The dress is dream like. so exquisite and detailed, she looks like a princess. It's definitely the bridal gown of our dreams with its delicate lace print and chiffon detailing! Simply stunning!


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