Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Incognito Critics 100th Bash !!

Dear Critics, we are inching closer to our 100th CC, and we would like to celebrate in a grand way. If there's anything you have all learned from the previous 3 bashes, it is that IC throws the BEST and most MEMORABLE bashes. So let us join hands (cept if you have Swine Flu, then stay away) and make this THE most memorable bash.

You are invited to biggest and baddest celebration on IF!

Friday November 13
Saturday November 14


1:00 PM Mountain Time

2:00 PM Central Time
3:00 PM Eastern Time
12:00 PM Pacific Time
7:00 PM (+/-) European Time
12:00 AM India Time

The Event

Your host and dost, Roxthefox, will take you through a trip down memory lane and present IC's '15 Most Shocking Moments'

IBL's nautanki gang, Kavya and Aditi, will be hosting a game show entitled 'Critic, Criticina or Woh'. The game will incorporate 9 couples of IC, who will be assigned 'children' and shall carry out tasks presented. The most corrupt child/couple shall win a prize.

A VM presentation by Neeta (this may be cancelled, however, due to Neeta being out of town).
Red carpet presentation by Riya, Zainab and Simi.

The red carpet will be followed by Secret Critic-- whereby you will present your 'gift' to your assigned critic.

Keeping in line with the bash tradition, Riya and Simi (RiMi) will conclude the bash with the ever so famous Fashion Police. You must dress to impress, and have the image of your dress as your siggy. You must also PM the image of your dress to BOTH Riya and Simi.

So put your party hats on, and celebrate.

See you all at the bash!

- roxthefox

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