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Fashion police raids Hollywood and Bollywood !!

Fashion Cops : Soha , Riya and Ishan


The Gods of the Fashion world are back, to provide you with a triple dose of Fashion. We originally had this planned for our 50th CC, but alas, time did not permit us to post this till now! But, the two fashion divas, that would be Roxy and Riya, are teaming up with Ishan to rip apart the fashion deviants, and to hail the Gods of fashion! Grab some popcorn, and take a seat. It's time for the Fashion police :)

Sandra Bullock

I would have loved this outfit, had the hips not been exaggerated, and the skirt was not asymmetrical. The ankle strap heels only make her legs shorter, and she looks frumpy overall. To top things off, she's oompa-loompa orange...

Lucy Liu

Someone quick!!! Her dress has rabies and is frothing from the mouth. Get help!!....or just burn it! I can't decide if that's a cauliflower or fungus on her chest. Lucy loves popcorn so much, that she made a dress out of it.

Cameron Diaz

She's usually a mess, but I simply adore this orgami-fold dress. It's simple, elegant and classy, and she looks totally chic!

Serena Williams

Well, I don't know what to say about these saggy crotched, disco harem pants, but lord! Did I miss the M.C. Hammer yard sale? I feel so bad for Serena, who in the world would let her walk out the house looking like that? LOL. Whoever designed them should be ashamed of himself to even bring harem pants in style, because they are NOT a style. Anyone who wears them looks ridiculous. This genie definitely needs to grant herself a wish to burn those pants. They're like Alli-Babba pants. Please put them back in the genie bottle. Serena darling, leave those pants in 1986 where they belong! Goodness, get a stylist if you plan on walking the redcarpet.

Shawn Johnson

This is probably the worst style for a short person. It makes her stick out like a sore thumb. I don't like the fabric combo, light flowy with heavy fabric banding is just a bad and the colors really don't fit together. Too bad she does not realize that a horizontal silver/gray strip only makes her look wider than her short stocky body can accommodate. Her shoes are too chunky for her body. Light and femmine shoes would have been more appropriate, not heavy and chunky which makes her look even shorter. Fashion rehab honey!

Scarlett Johannason

The shade is too dark for her skin- it's too stark of a contrast, especially since her eyes are light colored. It's wrong for body shape. The ruching takes away her curves. The color washes her out.The length makes her look short, especially because the back is longer then the front. Her hair style makes her face look unsually small. The neckline of the dress and her hairstyle give her a bobble head look. Finally whats up with the nail polish? Sham!


Someone please shoot the rooster on her head! Ill-fitting dress, ugly jacket, and hair that looks like a dead crow plastered to the top of her head. The jacket only hides the dress' details and looks wrinkled and sloppy.Get out of the 80's girl! They've been and gone honey, nothing is gonna bring them back! I have absolutely nothing nice to say about this look except burn it and see stylist stat!

Jenniffer Aniston

She's wearing a dress? I didn't notice. The dress looks like crinkled aluminum and well, it doesn't even fit. It emphasizes her spreading middle and belly and the bra cups aren't worn properly. She practically looks naked. She thinks she is 19 and heading for a hook up bar. No class. The dress is too tight, too crinkly, too short, too shiny, and looks cheap.

Halle Barry

Roman Goddess! Absolutely flawless and stunning! She's classy and simple and knows to leave enough for the imagination! The stunning white contrast against her skin tone looks amazing. I'm stunned, I have no words for how beautiful she looks!

Catherine Zeta Jones

I like the dress, but I hate where the embellishments move past her waist and continue and stop along her hips from side to back, it just looks odd to me, but I love the color, very sexy indeed.

Leighton Meester

Now that's what I call turning fashion inside out. Hey look! It has a built in bib! Bring on the spaghetti! ! Did they just throw a couple of napkins on a mesh body suit? The outfit is horrible. It is not flattering. It has no class, flair, or style. It is simply one giant cluster f***. I think the worst part is the cutout armpits. I just can't get this whole fly-paper hanging right! I put up a strip, it falls on me...then I can't get it off! Oh my...I am afraid I'll never make it in the world of extermination. What other jobs do you have? It's a produce of economic crisis: made of bits and pieces.

Sandra Bullock (again)

There's too much going on at the neckline of the dress and she doesn't need all that clunky jewelry. It's an unflattering shape, satin is nearly universally impossible to wear easily, and the weird white lining makes it look like her slip is showing. Sandra is still beautiful, but that dress is atrocious. What an ugly piece of cloth draped on her body. It looks the shoulder of her dress fell down exposing her bra strap. I know it is designed to be asymmetrical, but that's not what it looks like.

Fashion Cop : Soha

*SillyFunny Fashion Police raids Bollywood celebrity clothes Silly**


OMG Kareena who tore your Jeans ?? Priyanka or Bipasha. And they look so old (I mean the jeans) !!!*Kareena whispers something* Wat are u saying !!, Shahid had gifted u 6 years back ?? Umm ok. And what a dumb and dull Tshirt u have wore.Suits ur personality btw !!! And please do some makeup and come for an event or party next time !!! Oh wat u have put on makeup.Ahh sorry about that, u look the same with and without makeup DUMBO. ooops BEBO


I had heard u were doing a movie called Ravan but wasnt aware that u urself are playing the role of Ravana.hahaha But u r looking gorgeous in these clothes. U r giving a close competition to Rakhi Sawant these days when it comes to dressing sense LOL LOL LOL. What should I say more ? Ok I will give u 9/10


Hmm . Ur new hairstyle is awesome. What u wanna thank Rajasthan Royals for it ?? Oh yeah u got the shock of ur life after they lost and hence such a hairstyle. Umm ur pockets seem to be full. What's in there ? Lemme guess. In one pocket u have Raj Kundra and the other one maybe invitation for next season of Big Brother !! right?? OMG and ur specs are looking awesome. Have u stealed from ur grandmother ? Ur over all dressing sense is good. I would give u 9/10 (just becoz ur name matches with one of my fav. actress. U r so lucky LOLLOL)


u have an awesome dressing sense. No wonder why men keep staring at u everytime. The black and white combinition is really nice. But wait a min. looks like i have already seen someone wearing this dress.

Malaika. I thought u had bought this dress urself. Ahh so u had borrowed it from this lady haa ?? ANyways I dont blame u considering Arbaaz's financial position !!! hahaha. I would give u 9/10


Wat should I say about u ? U are my fav. actress I would give u 10/10 even before reviewing ur dress. BTW black is my fav color. Oh u r wearing it to ward off the evil ?? No use babes, Shahid has already entered ur life.hahaha. BTW I have heard that u r very friendly with Amrita Rao these days? Oh u r after hurman haa?? oops Her man !! Enjoy ur life !!


Hmm u have a good style of dressing LOL LOL LOL. U look so Khoobsoorat in this dress. BTW I have heard that u have signed Karan Gauhar for ur next movie ?? What its Karan Johar. Oh yeah u got two in one then. Anyways, Ur top is looking so white and clean( No doubt u r the soap queen !!). I give u kine on ken (oops nine on ten)


Wow Kalki u have got such an awesome hairstyle. Even I had given such a hairstyle to my friend after he made me watch Dev D. And u have got a good color sense. Do u know red means danger btw ?? It means danger will soon surround u * Kalki whispers* I already knew it when I started shooting with Abhay Deol. Oops !!! I would give u 9/10

Fashion Cop : Ishan

Riya's fashion police!

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan

If she had worn this dress to some Bollywood award function, I would have had no complains. But, hello Ms. Rai, this is Cannes and you are a L'Oriel promoter! The dress is very ordinary and does not stand out! I have been told that many articles were written about Eva Longoria and Elizabeth Bank's (co-promoters of L'Oriel) look for Cannes, but no one even mentioned Ms. Rai. The hair look bad, she sported the same damn tight ponytail for two events at Cannes! Who does that? Methinks, that Ms.Rai needs lessons from Frieda or from Sonam Kapoor, for that matter, when it comes to stylish hair-dos.

Aishwariya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan

Finally, she did something right. I love the color of the dress, blue, it highlights her colored eyes. I think this wasn't a formal Cannes event, so her look matches up, its not too formal. Her hair look cute, with the hair band (which she probably borrowed from AB Baby). For once, she acted with grace too, and wasnt seen laughing like a monster and letting the media take scary pics of her (remember the Pink Pather promotion event?). Coming to Abhishek, two white jackets in row? Not cool. Where has the variety gone? And only Abhishek will show off his hairy chest and some astrology related necklaces at an International event, way to go! The sunglasses on the head make him look, ermm, a bit feminine?! The light blue outlining to the white jacket reminds me, Abhishek, I'd like some Cranberry Martini please Smile hspace5

Namrata Shirodkar

Oh look! She finally comes out of hiding after a decade, some might not even remember her, but she was this one actress who did a couple of roles with Sanjay Dutt in the 90s and then poof, she disappreared. Good news first, she looks the same. Bad news, I just threw up. Seriously, what tha heck? You show up and get clicked after a decade wearing this? Cheee chee. The shoes look horrendous, her toes are popping out, that means the shoes are small for her. The jeans look like they are from the good ol' 90s, not fitting and the color wash looks hideous. Coming to the worst part, turtle neck black full sleeves sweater with a scarf, oh really, is it snowing in Mumbai? Tongue hspace5 The scarf looks like something the very feminine looking Saif Ali Khan from the 90s would sport, oh I remember, I think she did some movies with Saifu, must have stolen the scarf from Saifu's van. About that Louis Vuitton bag, bring on something new, even I have the same identical bag!

Priyanka Chopra

Thank God, she always brings in a breath of fresh air! She wore this to the "Pyaar Impossible" website launch, and she looks so cool. White top and dark skinny jeans can never go wrong, especially if one has that kind of a figure and especially if the event was so informal. The hair looks pretty and simple, make up is done in an adequate amount. Love the watch, not much to say, Pranks rocks this simple look

Aarti Chabbria

Oh look! Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan! Two darks colors and one hideous dress! Perfecto! Dear Lord, what in the world was she thinking? The "phool" blossoming around her straps make her look like a fool, then that ridiculous belt in the middle that extends and drops till knee looks like a "nada" (if you know what I mean). And grrrr, even better, the phools are even blossoming on her SHOES!

Minissha Lamba

She wore this to some spa inauguration. I do have some problems with this ourfit, she is a short woman and the pencil skirt make her legs look even shorter. Her legs would have looked long if the skirt was shorter. Umm, the color of the skirt is alright, nothing for me to go ga-ga over it. The top is actually cute with the whole belt and the ruffles thing, BUT I hate the poofy sleeves! They make her look wide and short. Not to forget that the botoxed face, siliconed lips and plastic nose are very distracting and I hate the new haircut.

Neetu Chandra

Yo Neetu! A certain Karan Singh Grover called, he wants his pants back! The entire look is just too much, first the parachute-ksg-inspired-pants, then the crazy design on the pants! Making me dizzy, can I have some lemonade? (bad joke) Crazy pants, crazy shoes! What eshtyle! The hair is cracking me up! Whats up with that one pink strand? My little cousin likes to play with her hair like that, yeah she's five. Basically, all these girls are trying hard, but failing big momma time

Prachi Desai

Firstly, the weight gain is not flattering, especially if your career in Bollywood is just taking off. Secondly, what a boring dress! I've seen so many of these similar dresses and does she realize that the style of this dress is making her look really wide? The embellishment in the middle doesnt even match the top half! Coming to my favorite part, the "gayab" shoes. WTF! what is she trying to prove? That her shoes are designed by Mr.India? They have got be the worst pair of shoes I've seen in a really long time! Maybe, Ekta's saaya is taking over her wardrobe?

Sushmita Sen

Is it just me or is she seen wearing black everywhere these days? Probably trying to hide the sudden weight gain, although she has lost a few pounds since her last appearance. The shoes are so ugly! They look like one of those shoes that are sold are Wal-Mart! Again, looks like the jeans are from the 90s, how obsolete! Top is meh, but her face makes up for everything! Methinks, her face looks very pretty and totally not botoxed unlike some of the younger actresses's faces Big smile

Vidya Balan

Firstly, she looks very pretty after the much needed weight loss! Secondly, one can always depend on Ms. Balan when it comes to fashion faux pas. This time around, Javed Akhtar has inspired her in the dressing department. Is it just me, or does her kurta looks like its been stolen from JA's closet?! The pink churidaar is so out of place, same thing with the silver shoes. Looks like, she just pulled something out of closet and didnt give a shiz about matching stuff. Coming to the good news, her face looks naturally pretty with the not much make up. Kudos!

Fashion Cop : Riya

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