Friday, June 12, 2009

Reason for IC CC being so addictive to me.

Hello guys I hope you like the blog. But before you browse throughout the blog, I wanted to share something about my fellow Incognito Critics. Incognito Critics Chat Club was founded on 14th February 2009 ie. 5 months back. I joined in somewhere between March and from then onwards I am literally hooked to I-F. Our CC is the main reason for me being on I-F. Since we have completed 5 months let me tell you the 5 members of our CC without whom the CC would have been incomplete.

1)Soha - She was the one who introduced me to this rocking CC. Thanks a lot Soha for giving me such good friends. I am still not able to predict your behaviour. I can say you are crazy. You are angry at one moment, the next moment you ROFL. SO that is really weird. But you have a great critic sense and when it comes to DMG , its the highest. Keep rocking !

2) Neeta - She always makes me realize that our CC is filled in with loads of Talent. AWESOME Video Mix creator. She has hooked me to her youtube channel. Also I think the most sensible among us critics. She is the founder of IC CC. So I thank her for opening such a rocking CC. Jai Ho Neeta

3) Sayeed - He is the most interesting person amongst us. Has a great sense of humour. Good knowledge or I can say he is the Wikipedia for us. Has knowledge about most of the softwares, the current happenings,cricket,football etc, etc. Great to have a member like Sayeed as a fellow critic.

4) Simi - Simi has a great sense of humour. Earlier when I met her in the CC, she was annoying me too much. But I think thats the right of all ICians i.e to irritate others. Then I realised that she had a great sense of humour. A big IQ fan. Keeps on mentioning him in almost every post. Her bhang ladoos are famous in our IC. The similarity between us is that we both are Maharashtrians. Ho ki nahi Simi ? Tu Dagad (U rock!!!)

5) Sonia - I can say that she has already got my vote for the next Resident member of our CC. You can find her in the CC anytime of the day. She has a great sense of humour, never fights, is a cool person as far as I know. She is an insomniac just like me ( cant blame us; IC CC is really addicting !). A great company in our IC CC. Keep rocking !!

Ok these are like the core members of our CC. But there are some more members who have made me fall in love with this CC. They are Riya, Huma, Chandni, Dhara,Aisha,Miloni,Zainab,Mahima,Tara,Ramsha, Ankit, Paromita, Parul,Lupin,Rae,Neha,Caro,Noreen,Noorin,Jia,Nimmi (both),Sonia(SuhaniSonia). For me, our IC CC is incomplete without all these members !!!

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