Monday, June 8, 2009

Messages from Incognito Critics for 50th CC Bash

The IC and Sonu Entertainment

Caro (carolinecj)

invited by a person who still ahs to "x" in her id.. thank god it is nto xoxoxoxoxox
randomly jumped into IC to see strange creatures lurking..
gazillion conversations running..but still makes sense..
call it bollywood masala or whatever..
jump in anytime still some part makes sense even if everything is still a jumble..

Kully (Ms.GoodMorning)

I've only recently joined and I don't even think I know everyone, but this CC rocks!
All the critics are super nice and mean when need be.EmbarrassedLOL
They're honest and aren't afraid to express their opinion. Yay for all the critics!!

Nimmi (dizzyonlemonade)

What I like about this chat club is the warmth, humor, and the openness of everyone here. Even when I make a fool of myself, I still feel welcome.
The quality of discussion here is great, and something I get too engrossed with it at times. Anyhow, it is nice to be here and bond with people so quickly.
Though I may not be an ARian, this place has turned me into a Shilpian.Wink

Lupin (lupin_roza)

well my best moment don't know its the best or worst moment LOL
but its 1 of my memorable moment on cc ,when i 1st join the cc
my two wicked hosts simz & rio have given me a horrendous warm welcome LOL
rio have given me a new piculiar nick loopholle wich boggled me that timeLOLOuch
but i love my wicked hosts & hate that nick ...
.its my curt & sweet best moment on the cc....

love ya lupin...

Ishan (ishan.k)

Hello friends I am so happy today !! We are in the 50th CC now. I think its a record because only a few CC have reached so far till now !! I had joined this CC when it was just 4 or 5. I have seen this CC grown during these 4 months ... lol LOL. The members over here are rocking and this CC is filled in with lots of talent. Some are good VM makers, some are good avi/siggy creators, but the common quality that all members posses is criticising LOL. Be it DMG or anything else. We all are good at it LOL. This CC is theonly reason why I am still there on IF. I had lost interest in DMG a year back. I used to just visit occasionally and then I took part in a contest conducted by Soha and thats how she introduced me to this CC. Thanks a lot Soha for introducing me to such a rocking CC and even more rocking members. Today we have reached 50th CC, I pray that we reach our 500th CC soon !!

Congrats once again to all the members and


Chandni (


ok peeps. incognitoes rule...and thats the end of u all...
and were gonna keep rocking like we always have.
cant wait til the 100th bash=D

Soha (roxthefox)

This is the worst CC in the history of CC's and I hate all its members with a burning passion. That includess you, you and especially you... if it wasn't for me, Rox, your savior, no light would get through your dank, shuttered and spider-web encrusted head.

I kid, of course! Let's just say that, if it wasn't for this joint, I would never step foot on IF. This is the only place on IF where I can throw my shoes, and just relax. We've had conversations that range from DMG and other shows, to poverty, homosexuality, arranged marriage, and even aliens. This CC is full of diverse individual, and we've seen the best of days, and we've seen some dark days.

Whether it be the Fashion Police, or jingles, or our late night confessions, we've seen it all-- from Rimi's BL's, to Roxy and Huma's phoos bombs. We laughed, we cried, heck... we almost died!

Not to mention, this is the only CC which contains the endangered species of IF, masoom members, Eienstein's, and of course, those who communicate in shoet hand.

May there be 50 more!

Neha (Love_ya)

My expirience has been ok. i really like mahu di , Rim jihm and Hary di .
If i gave u a special nam means I love you .
bye Have a good time

Aisha (KashFanatic)

Hello fellow critics LOL alignabsMiddle i suck at speeches so please bare with me
INCOGNITO CRITIC'S rocK =D i have become a complete IF addict because of this CC LOL alignabsMiddle i really dont know how i have been living without it ! everyone in here is not only crazy, witty, and hillariously phunny but also the friendliest and januablest people i have come across I LOVE U GUYS ! MWUAAH ! *hugs* Hug alignabsMiddle i love the ''intellectual'' discussions that liz and soha carry out and the and crazy bakwaas that all the critics tend to do most of the time i lovee the shoet handing that we do aswellROFL alignabsMiddle LOL alignabsMiddleLOL alignabsMiddle thankyou for opening this CC ! and thankyou for getting all the cool people on IF under one roof ! I LOWE IC and its critics i hope it continues for the next 103438 years LOL alignabsMiddleLOL alignabsMiddleLOL alignabsMiddle
laph u all aisha Hug alignabsMiddle

Simi (-simi-)

I just came to drug everyone on BLs!

Zainab (zainab25)

I am so glad to be part of this shizzling CC fo sho. You have accepted a deformed being who attempts to speak gangsta in your CC, thus, I bow down to you. May our bond never eva brake and I hope v alls hearts beasts together 4eva and eva and eva iph only u all were in my lyfe fo'real.

Divya (divya_07)

i haven't been around for dat don't have much to say....
but it's been fun chatting in da cc...
talkin bout actors,films,t.v. shows n other random stuff tooSmile

Dhara (Kash4eternity)


OMG Can't believe we made it to the 50th CC you guys are all very special to me thanks to neetu who invited me to this CC. it has become like a second family to me love you all let's make it century now and let's rock our CC JAI Ho.EmbarrassedHugHug

Sidra (ardis10)

This cc is like my home within my home =). If I ever need to just relax and have fun, I always visit IF and go directly to this cc.I love all my critics and all of us speak nothing but the truth, so those who cant HANDLE the truth, I suggest you get back to DMG.


Rae (AngelTeen)

When I joined IF I didnt have many I knew and frankly I didnt really care but then things changes and I found totally awesome people who like me were fed up of the way things were going here...and I then joined this CC and have been lucky to have such great people to interact with! Thanks guys! May there be many more CCs to come!!!

Noorin (angeldmg16)

Hey guys !!

Congrats for New 50th CC [In advance]

"Just heard the news That someone special Moved in at your address So here's Congratulations To You, Wished with lots Of Happiness."

Keep rocking always !! PartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyParty

Congrats! Congrats Congrats!

Hope u all complete 100 CC sooon !! Smile

Sonia (x.sonia.x)


Neeta (-Neetz)

Alright so here is a senti message lol. What can I say ?

I had never thought while starting this CC that we would come so far and reach the top within a matter of a few months. On the contrary, I had assumed that it would get shut in a week and would decay in the dump of useless pages

I feel proud to be a part of a community which has members who are honest, intelligent, witty, funny, loving and yet so down-to-earth. We are the only crazy lot who are capable of discussing about marriages and UFOs on the same day lol LOL

we've had a bumpy ride, lots of warning, CCs being locked etc etc, but we survived all of that and still stand strong ! Approve

Alot of credit needs to be given to all the members of IC who have contributed to the growth & betterment of this CC in some way or the other. We all share our responsibilities which makes out bond even more stronger. So I love everyone here Hug Thankyou so much for making IC such a huge hit ! Big smile

I hope that we will reach our 500th CC soon :D

We rule.Star

Neetz Embarrassed

Noreen (nowee10)

First of all, I HAVE to say that I LOVE the IC and everyone in it. Being apart of this CC has been soo much fun! There have been so many times when we've laughed like crazy and so many times where many of us were really upset. But no matter what happened we all remained together. We all were like a huge family. Every single member in this CC is special to me and I'm glad I got to meet them. I have had many wonderful experiences in this CC and it's really hard to name them all so I'll only name one. Coming to this CC everday and just talking about the most random things is one of the best experiences in the IC! It was hilarious to see Simi and Riya joking around and it was even funnier to see them fake fighting. LOLLOL At our previous bash, Simi passed out BLs and we all went CRAZY! That was funny too! And then the fashion show we had! See, there are soo many! There was always something going on in the CC. And that's what I love. This CC is like no other...there's always something interesting going on! AND I CANNOT FORGET our STALKERS! LMAO! They're here too! But anyways, guys, we're on the 50th! I can't believe it.I'm so happy I'm apart of this CC. The IC is soo special to me...and the members of it make it even more special. All of you guys, I LOVE YOU! Without you, I'M NOTHING! MAUH! Love you all!

Parul (MagicalKash)

I love it the best and there is no reason for it. Its just that it is the best place known to me.
In this virtual world i dont need to act like anyone.I am just myself over here and another reason why i love this cc is because it is always full of my friends,I never find it empty and i can come here any time of the day,In the end i just wanna say
I LOVE YOU ALL people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miloni (chocogurl)

First of all a bigggg jhapi to everyone in this CCHugWOWWWWW!!! 50 CC's!!!!
IC is seriously the BEST CC on the internet!!! and IC is made up of the COOLEST and the BESTEST members!!! Everyone here rocks!!! It's soooo amazing how we started this whole Incognito Critics CC in this year only, and we are already on our 50th CC!!! We have had some amazingggg moments in this CC, right from making up songs, to talking about Dill Mill Gayye, or should I say Clowns Mill Gayye. lolz. We have even gotten CC of the week! How great is that!!! This CC is soooooo special to me!! and IF without this CC is nothing!! I have met some fabulous friends in this CC and I hope this CC lives on for eternity!! Loveee ya all!! and JAI HO to Incognito Critics!!!!

Ramsha (ramsha247)

I LOVE YOU ALL and i LOWE this CC! Oh well its true i am have been inactive mostly but whenever i have come, i have always had fun! This is the best and most unique and ofcourse most popular CC on IF so who would regret being a part of such a CC but yeah ofcourse others do and no wonder we keep getting more awesome and witty members! I love all the jokes we crack and discuss clowns mill gayye and criticize stuff in a fun way and ofcourse the fact we are not so blinded makes us even better!

I have learned a lot in this CC and it has inspired me to look like i am older too by talks but oh well, i am still a 13 years old here aka your masoom critic!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I wanna stay a masoom critic here forever!

I have not been drunk though here but yeah will try to be with all those ladoos you all thoos in each other's mouth! TongueLOLLOL

I would like to thank Neeta for starting this CC, if she did not do that then how would have reached where we are today!! Also i would like to thank each and every member of this CC for making this CC what it is today!


What does critic means?LOLLOLLOL

Thanks for reading!

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